Welcome to The Fulfilled Freelancer

Hello and welcome! I'm a high-ticket freelancer who's here to help you find fulfillment on your freelance journey with the resources, tools, and coaching that would have accelerated my own freelance journey.

Five years ago, I was grinding away at my six-figure job in San Francisco's startup scene and on the verge of serious burnout from the go-go-go. It was time to make a change. So I started freelancing while I was figuring out what my next chapter would look like. Turns out – freelancing WAS my next chapter and I've been self-employed ever since.  

Today my marketing studio, Kathleen Smith Studio, continues to serve high-growth maker brands of all sizes – from small businesses to tech startups, and even the Fortune 200. It’s been a wild and fulfilling ride and my newest mission is to bring my experience and guidance to other freelancers like you.

Kathleen Smith, Freelancer Educator

How can I help you achieve your freelance business goals?