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Get everything you need to confidently host professional sales calls that turn potential clients into actual freelance clients

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The art of selling isn't something most digital freelancers and creatives are skilled at...

...and that is totally OKAY!


Learning how to sell is something that you can absolutely do and despite what those butterflies in your stomach are telling you, 'selling' doesn't have to be stressful.

Enter The Freelancer's Discovery Call Blueprint.

Get everything you need to successfully plan, prep, and host your next sales call with a potential new freelance client.

Here's what you'll gain from the Discovery Call Blueprint:

  • A mindset shift that will help you 'reframe' how you think about that sales call and create a healthier, "less pressure" perspective

  • A better understanding of what your potential new client wants to know and hear from you during that very first call so that you don't feel so lost and unsure of how to approach the call

  • A clear, easy-to-follow and ready to rock process that you can use for every single sales call that you book with a potential new freelance client

  • How to talk about pricing without going overboard or backing yourself into that dreadful 'under-priced and under-scoped' corner

  • How to dramatically reduce the number of sales calls that result in being told "you're too expensive" by your potential new client

  • How to minimize the number of no-show's who agree to a call and then GHOST you when it's time to actually chat

  • What you should do to prep for your sales call so that you show up prepared... without going overboard and over-investing your time

  • How to avoid spending hours on custom proposals only to miss out on landing the client

  • How to follow up AFTER the sales call without being annoying or desperate-sounding

What format is The Freelancer's Discovery Call Blueprint?

The Freelancer's Discovery Call Blueprint is a full-color ebook in a magazine-style .pdf format that's yours to keep and revisit over and over again.


This ebook is chock full of practical, easy-to-implement guidance that'll help you design your sales "discovery call" process, figure out what to say and how to say it with my 'swipable' scripting/templates, and plenty of steal-worthy insights from my own journey as a high ticket freelancer that'll help get your mindset dialed in so you can go into your next sales call feeling confident, collected and ready to land your next freelance client.

You don't need ANOTHER chore to tackle when you're already running a business... so skip the lengthy, time-consuming e-course keeping you tied to your computer and enjoy this ebook on your mobile device on your next flight, by the pool, or before bed.

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Allow me to introduce myself

Kathleen Smith


Founder of:

The Fulfilled Freelancer

Kathleen Smith Studio

Fulfilled Studio

Hello and welcome! I'm a high-ticket freelancer who's here to help you find fulfillment on your freelance journey with the resources, tools, and coaching that would have accelerated my own freelance journey.

Five years ago, I was grinding away at my six-figure job in San Francisco's startup scene and on the verge of serious burnout from the go-go-go.


It was time to make a change. So I started freelancing while I was figuring out what my next chapter would look like.


Turns out – freelancing WAS my next chapter and I've been self-employed ever since.  

Today I run my marketing studios, Kathleen Smith Studio and Fulfilled Studio, as I continue to serve high-growth brands of all sizes – from small businesses to tech startups, and even the Fortune 200. I've worked with household name brands and some of the largest, most prestigious enterprise companies in the world... all from wherever I'm living at the time.


Freelancing has proven to be a wild and fulfilling ride for me and it can be for you, too.


I believe so deeply in the benefits of freelancing that I've made it my newest mission to bring my experience and guidance to other freelancers like you so that you, too, can fulfill your freelance goals from boosting your income to achieving healthy work/life balance.

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