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Meet freelancer business coach and educator Kathleen Smith and get to know how she can help you grow your own freelance business.

Meet Kathleen Smith

Kathleen Smith is the founder of The Fulfilled Freelancer. She's a passionate supporter of the freelancer movement.

Kathleen believes that small and micro business owners have massive potential to make a life-changing impact on our economy, our shared culture and values, and the overall quality of life that we can offer future generations of our global community.


Kathleen coaches freelancers how to be successful as business owners through her own experience as a favorite hired-gun marketer for Silicon Valley tech and eCommerce brands.

From Silicon Valley Marketer To Freelancer Educator 

I started freelancing over ten years ago, while I was still in college. I didn’t know what freelancing was or that what I was doing WAS freelancing. I just knew that I had skills and knowledge that could help people with their marketing and so I started doing it as a side hustle while I was on summer break.

Fast forward to after college: I spent years during my first two jobs studying the art (and science!) of marketing, honing my skills as a marketer and as a leader. My efforts during those years led to a job offer that would change my life.

That job offer took me all the way across the country to Silicon Valley where I accepted the role of Director of Marketing at – the original curated freelancer marketplace.

Their network of freelancers was SO talented that they were regularly working on content projects for household name brands like The Huffington Post, Kia, CVS and so, so many more. Copywriters, designers, animators and developers came together from all parts of the globe to create absolutely stunning content.

It was there, in early 2014, that my eyes truly opened to the power of freelancing in today’s global economy. I realized that a freelancer could literally live and work anywhere in the world and build a business for yourself while working on fulfilling, lucrative projects.

So when had an acquisition on the horizon, I started thinking about my next chapter and decided to start my own business: a marketing studio that would specifically serve high-growth startups and tech companies with marketing services and content. 

As my own studio grew, I had another epiphany: I realized that even the most talented freelancers often struggled with how to best grow their own business. 

But freelancers had few places (or people) to turn to who offered education, coaching, and resources tailored to their specific challenges and needs as they related to freelancing. I realized I had a lot of experience, business expertise, and enthusiasm to offer as guidance to freelancers.

So today, I still run my marketing studio (and LOVE it!) but I also get to coach, educate, and advocate for freelancers across the world.

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Media + Partnership Inquiries

Kathleen is available as a speaker, contributor, partner, and expert source.

She’s an enthusiastic supporter and educator for the freelance community.

She can provide perspective as both a freelancer and micro-business owner as well as a professional marketer who understands and champions best practices and ethics in leveraging the freelance workforce for businesses and large organizations.


📍 Seattle, Washington; but has WiFi hotspot, will travel.


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While in college, completed first freelance project for a private high school in need of revamped marketing materials… learned you can do project-based work using your skills like graphic design and writing as a “side hustle” before side hustles were even a thing!


Graduated college and began a full-time career in marketing for tech companies.Spent four years learning how to run a marketing department.


Recruited by VC-backed startup (freelance marketplace for enterprise/Fortune 500) as Director of Marketing; moved from Orlando to San Francisco to join the team. Discovered the potential of freelancing at the global level for both freelancers and businesses and contributed to successful acquisition.


Left SF to move to Louisville, KY for family and started freelancing full-time for Bay Area tech companies. Spent the next few years growing my freelance business into a studio hiring other freelancers and serving household name brands, Fortune 200 and blue chip tech companies, and fast-growing small businesses… still going strong!


New Year's Eve 2019; we moved BACK to the West Coast for my husband’s new job. New city = no problem because freelancing can be fully remote!


In early 2020, I expanded my studio and began working with eCommerce brands, primarily in the food space (the perks are delicious!)


In late 2020, I launched The Fulfilled Freelancer to bring guidance, coaching, and resources to other freelancers and aspiring freelancers. Today, I still freelance AND work on freelancer education.